Your generosity will help fulfill our mission in providing aid to those qualified residents, on a one time basis, who are in need of temporary emergency assistance.


When urban problems spilled over into suburbia, Davie found a way to offer financial help and food to the working poor through the E.A.S.E. Foundation." - Sun Sentinel.


Because of our sluggish economy, many people are losing their jobs or having their hours cut back

from full time to part time employment. This has caused a serious problem for our residents who are now struggling with their rising bills and lower income. The EASE Foundation is now assisting middle class families trying to balance their budgets and find additional money for the high cost of fuel and

food. This slow down in South Florida has not just effected those families on lower or fixed incomes such as social security or disability. Residents who were in the construction business, real estate, mortgages etc. have lost their jobs and are having a difficult time finding employment.


When Hurricane Wilma hit our town in October, 2005 the EASE Foundation immediately joined the Town of Davie's response team to help our residents. As well as working with the Town, the EASE Board committed $50,000 for relief efforts to help our families with shelter, food, and relocation. Our food pantry was solely committed to residents of Davie and Cooper City, rather than the entire county for three months. Davie was hard-hit by this hurricane and we learned a lot about emergency disaster response.


The Davie Emergency Assistance Service Effort (E.A.S.E.) was founded by the business community and residents of Davie and is run as a non-profit Foundation in conjunction with other human service agencies throughout the county. The Foundation works in Davie, Cooper City and the surrounding Southwest Broward unincorporated areas for financial services.


If you feel that you or your organization may be able to provide the Foundation with a donation or a service please be sure to check our donations page on the navigation bar above. Our purpose is to aid those qualified residents, on a one time basis, that are in need of temporary emergency assistance.


Our objective is to help those in need to ease their way back into a self-sustaining, productive life. Our focus is to prevent homelessness, but we also reach out to the homeless with food, clothing and hygiene supplies. The EASE Foundation is both local and grass roots oriented. It is a neighbor helping neighbor organization.